Advantages of wooden crates

Advantages of wooden crates

When it comes to the shipping industry, there are two options for crates. One is plywood boxes and the other is wooden crate. For many reasons, wooden crates are more beneficial than the other options. Below are some of the reasons:

Affordable: Wooden crates are cheaper than plywood boxes because the cost of producing wooden crates is less, since the material crates is simpler, natural and require less processing.

Sturdy and durable: Wooden crates and pallets are sturdy and can withstand heavy weight without the fear of breaking. They have thick walls that make it possible to stack them vertically if the weight is evenly distributed. These crates also offer added security because of the way they are manufactured, preventing unauthorized people from accessing them.

Simple designs: The process of manufacturing wooden crates is a lot simpler than plywood boxes. This requires far less investment in the manufacturing because of uncomplicated designs.

Natural ingredients: Wooden crates are made from natural ingredients that do not produce any toxic substances. They can also be heat-treated with a chemical-free process producing no harmful toxins.

Fewer resources required: Unlike plywood boxes that use various materials and other chemicals like laminates and adhesives, wooden crates are only wood. The use of fewer resources makes crates cheaper.

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