Custom Wooden Crates Ideal for Wide Range of Uses

Custom Wooden Crates Ideal for Wide Range of Uses

Denver Custom Wooden Crates

We build wooden crates in 3 days manufactured to your specification. No minimum required.


We use kiln dried, ISPM export certified plywood or from lumber which is often less costly. Options include foam cushions, casters, shock sensors, metal corner



Shipping: TVs, Furniture, Motorcycles, Fine Art, Production Trade Show Wooden Boxes.
See below. For further examples see our photo gallery.

  • Lumber CrateShipping Crates:
    All Denver Reel and Pallet crates are ISPM 15 export stamped and export ready. The come in any size requirement, plywood or lumber with various other options. Contact Us.
  • Lockable Trade Show CrateProduction Crates: Parts that ship to several locations and must be protected before final shipment can be moved in our reusable crates that will insure no damage during the several handlings required with multiple stops. Reusable fasteners are used to close these crates for easy access. Contact Us.
  • Fine Art CrateFine Art Crates:
    We build crates for paintings as well as statues and works of art with unusual dimensions and support requirements. Contact Us.
  • Trade Show CrateTrade Show Crates:
    Trade shows are famous for crate damage, and product pilferage. We build trade show crates for strength, security, and longevity. Contact Us.
  • Motorcycle CrateMotorcycle Crates:
    For shipping across the country, or overseas. Bikes of any size or type, completely or partially enclosed. Contact Us.
  • LCD TV CrateLCD TV Crates:
    LCD Televisions need to be protected when shipped or moved. We build great LCD crates at reasonable cost, customized to any size or type set. Contact Us.

Custom Crate Options

  • Foam Cushions

    Foam Cushions:
    Custom platforms for high tech shipping that require a cushion ride for preventing product damage and specialty unloading. We provided Polyethylene Foam (PE) in 3 different densities for load bearing in crate and pallet bases as well as crate interior cushioning. Contact Us.


Crate Accessories

We build crates from lumber as well as plywood. In many cases lumber crates are less costly than plywood. Contact Us.

Crate Accessories