Custom Made Wooden Crates In Kansas And The Heartland

Custom Made Wooden Crates In Kansas And The Heartland

When you need to ship large, bulky or fragile items that require special protection, a durable, custom-made crate is the solution to your transport needs. With over 50 years of experience in crate and pallet manufacturing, Denver Reel & Pallet designs and manufactures wooden crates and skids for all your import, export and storage needs. Serving Kansas, Colorado and the surrounding regions, we’re known for our fair pricing and great product quality.


Custom-Made Crate Considerations


We take the following details into account when building your custom crate:


  • Shipment weight: Does your item require heavy-duty lids and pallet collars?
  • Content breakability: Are you shipping highly fragile items? Does your crate need interior and exterior polyethylene foam padding?
  • Shipping destination: How far does your shipment have to go? Does it need full or partial protection?
  • Shape and dimensions: Is your item oddly shaped? Does it require special crating support?


At Denver Reel & Pallet, we know that proper crating and packaging of your belongings helps to determine how safely they arrive. Individuals and businesses can rely on us for quality crating at fair prices, whether they’re shipping within the United States or exporting abroad.


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If your Kansas shipment consists of pre-packed boxes and less fragile items, palletizing may be the most efficient transport method. We supply plastic and wood skids in both standard and custom sizes, and we manufacture pallet collars and lids to protect unboxed items. Order today, or contact us for turnaround times and cost estimates. Our qualified representatives are available to chat online or answer your email inquiries.


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