Get Custom Crates For Shipping Art

Get Custom Crates For Shipping Art

Crating and shipping fine art is a delicate process, so it’s important to choose a company with the experience to secure your valuables properly. At Denver Reel & Pallet, we build crates for any size painting, sculpture, statue or other work of art. We realize that each piece possesses distinctive dimensions, medium characteristics and support requirements, and our custom-made crates are designed to accommodate these unique handling needs.


Painting Transport Tips


If you’re preparing an oil or acrylic painting for transport, remember the following:


  • Make sure your name and the painting’s title are clearly marked on the back of the piece
  • Ensure the painting is free of dust and debris before you begin packaging it
  • Position a piece of acid-free glassine paper on top of the painting to protect it from dirt or moisture damage
  • Wrap the artwork in several layers of bubble wrap or similar material
  • Include a piece of strong cardboard or foamboard between the bubble wrap layers to guard the piece further from punctures or impact damage
  • Suspend the painting carefully in the crate by placing it between pieces of padded material


Purchase Art Crates From the Colorado Experts


Don’t trust your valuable art to just anyone. At Colorado-based Denver Reel & Pallet, we have over 50 years of experience constructing customized wood packaging. Our products are made from quality lumber, plywood and polyethylene foam, and our shipping crates are export stamped and ready for overseas transport. No matter what the size of your artwork is, our quality wooden crates are designed for strength and security. Visit our product pages for more information on crate types.


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