Moving Crates Online

Moving Crates Online

When you’re moving large freight from Kansas to an overseas destination, the process is demanding and time-consuming. Finding a shipping company you can trust with your business and personal goods is also stressful, but there are things you can do before making a choice.


  • Solicit and compare rate quotes online or over the phone. To save money, choose a shipping company that has its base of operations in your destination area.
  • Ask about delivery time. If you want to save money, you may have to sacrifice speed.
  • Consider the moving company’s reputation. Do your homework to ensure the company you select is recommended by individuals and businesses that have used it in the past
  • Make sure you purchase insurance for your shipment. When you’re moving large goods across the world, damage can occur due to mishandling, moisture buildup or transport shifting. Secure your investment before it leaves your site.
  • Ensure all contents are properly crated or palletized before leaving your facility in order to reduce the chances of travel damage


Purchase Wood Moving Crates Online


Kansas residents and business owners shipping overseas can purchase custom-made wood crates and pallets from Denver Reel & Pallet. We manufacture lumber and plywood crates, pallets and pallet collars to your size and material specifications, and our production turnaround averages only three days. All of our products are heat-treated and stamped per IPPC guidelines, fulfilling all ISPM 15 requirements for exportation. Known for our quality and fair pricing, we are prepared to ease the stress of your next overseas move. Contact us today for a customized estimate or to inquire about product specifics.


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