Buy Custom Pallets In Colorado

Buy Custom Pallets In Colorado

Custom pallets are a fundamental component of freight and storage rack systems, and they maximize floor space by allowing warehouses to store items vertically. Denver Reel & Pallet designs and manufactures wood pallets for a variety of uses. Wood pallets are a cost-effective storage and shipping choice because:


  • They are durable and recyclable
  • They are easy to move, making them ideal for automated environments
  • They can be specified in a variety of materials
  • They have a relatively low cost-per-use, making them economical for most companies
  • They can be custom-designed to fit warehouses and storage units
  • They work with conventional forklifts, so no specialized equipment purchases are needed


Custom Crates and Pallets for Colorado Businesses


Do you need affordable storage and transport options for your company’s goods? Our Colorado-based company designs and manufactures custom crates, pallets and racks that fit your warehousing and shipping needs. Don’t settle for low-quality wood products that could damage your valuables during transport. Denver Reel & Pallet’s industrial wood products are durable and safe, eliminating the chances of item damage due to broken slats and protruding nails. In addition, our export-compliant pallets are never chemically treated. Instead, they’re kiln-dried, making them environmentally friendly and non-toxic.


Denver Reel & Pallet also manufactures plastic pallets that are exportable, sanitary and durable enough for repeated freight use. Contact us for a custom estimate, or browse our photo gallery to view our distinctive variety of packaging designs.


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