Custom Made Crates And Pallets

Custom Made Crates And Pallets

When you need to transport fine art, statues, furniture or other valuables, Denver Reel & Pallet builds custom-made crates and pallets that are durable and secure. Shipping large, fragile items can be stressful, but at Denver Reel & Pallet, our shipping professionals have over 50 years of experience in industrial wood products. Our quality promise ensures that all lumber and plywood crates are assembled to your specifications and delivered on time.


Art Shipping Tips


      Shipping fine art is an art in itself. After you purchase a durable, shipping-compliant crate from us, take the following steps to ensure your valuables are protected:


  • Suspend all objects or paintings in a soft, padded space to prevent puncture or impact damage
  • Include packing materials that insulate artwork from extreme heat and cold
  • Arrange crates so they can be easily unpacked without harming the contents
  • Carefully seal crates to prevent the entrance of rain and snow
  • Hire a reputable, insured company to safely deliver your goods


Colorado Custom-Made Crates and Pallets


Don’t let poor packaging lead to treasured heirloom damage. Instead, call Denver Reel & Pallet for an estimate on custom-made crates that absorb shock, resist moisture and seal out dust and dirt. Allow our qualified representatives to recommend raw materials and custom-made container designs that fit your personal and industrial shipping requirements. Chat online with a customer care expert or contact us with questions about crate pricing and production times–and ask about our polyethylene foam for pallet support and interior cushioning. Serving Colorado, Kansas and Wyoming, we’re known for building quality shipping products for every transport need.



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