Pallet Skids And Crates From Denver Reel And Pallet

Pallet Skids And Crates From Denver Reel And Pallet

Compact and conveniently stackable, pallets and skids are ideal for export, storage and local transport. Wyoming businesses can purchase standard and custom designs from Denver Reel & Pallet, where we offer fair prices with a fast turnaround.


Pallet and Skid Features


We manufacture pallets and skids in wood and plastic, and each material offers a variety of benefits. Plastic skids are easy to sanitize and are durable enough for repeated use. Order your plastic products in standard sizes, or request an estimate for custom dimensions. Our plastic skids meet all export requirements, making them easy to ship overseas.


Our wood skids are also durable and reusable, and are heat-treated to meet ISPM 15 export regulations. More economical than plastic models, our wood products can be made from plywood or a lumber of your choice. Since our wood pallets are not chemically treated, they’re non-toxic and fully recyclable.


When you need to ship high-tech or fragile items, we’ll supply you with foam cushion pallet bases that are sized to fit. Our polyethylene foam comes in three different densities, and can also be used to line crates and boxes for shock absorption.


Customized Estimates From Denver Reel & Pallet


We realize that you’re on a budget, and we’re ready to supply you with a detailed packaging estimate online or over the phone. Known for our fair prices and high-quality products, we think you’ll appreciate the way we do business. Serving Colorado, Wyoming, Texas and New Mexico, we’ll safeguard your valuables for storage, shipping or overseas transport.

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