Plastic Export Pallets And Shipping Crates

Plastic Export Pallets And Shipping Crates

Durable enough to be reused and economical enough for one-way shipping, plastic export pallets are a convenient way to package goods for overseas transport.


Advantages of Plastic Pallets


Denver Reel & Pallet manufactures quality plastic pallets that offer many benefits to Wyoming customers.


  • Made from a porous material, plastic pallets don’t require pest treatments to comply with ISPM 15 export requirements.
  • They can be customized to fit virtually any application.
  • Most plastic pallets are nestable, reducing storage requirements and saving floor space.
  • Our pallet designs have a high strength-to-weight ratio, so they’re ideal for large, bulky items.
  • Plastic shipping products can be wiped clean after each use to ensure that they’re sanitary.
  • Plastic pallets are aesthetically pleasing, making them functional for retail environments.


In addition to our customizable plastic pallets, we also manufacture quality wood skids and collars for storage and export purposes. Wood is a versatile, economic material that is recyclable and reusable. To order crates or containers for your Wyoming business, contact us for a complete estimate.


Exporting high-tech or fragile items? Ask about our polyethylene foam. Used on the interior and exterior of our crates, this cushioning material protects valuable shipments by providing shock absorption during transport.


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Located in Denver, Colorado, Denver Reel & Pallet serves businesses and individuals in New Mexico, Wyoming, Utah and Texas. We have over 50 years of experience manufacturing custom crates and containers for LCD televisions, motorcycles, fine art, industrial equipment and a variety of other large items. Call or email us today with questions about preparing your overseas shipment.

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