Facts about Pallets Types you Must Explore before Purchase

Facts about Pallets Types you Must Explore before Purchase

Pallets have long been accepted as an ingenious storage and transport solution for a diverse range of industries. Manufacturers are spoilt for choice with plastic, aluminium and even wood crates for their shelving needs. If you have deemed them apt for your requirement, then it is time you explored the expense, adaptability and sustainability of the option.

Peruse through the subtle intricacies of crate types and use these facts to choose the perfect ones for your specific needs.


Why Wood is Preferred

  • A lot of people choose wood, as the traditional material has been proven as a suitable storage solution that also happens to be inexpensive.
  • Wood crates are preferred by numerous manufacturers as they secure the goods without risking any damage.
  • Moreover, they can be simply fixed in case they break during transit.
  • Having a simple constitution, the wood crates are also water proof, which is crucial for food industry’s storage requirements.
  • Reuse and resale is another facet of using these pallets in Denver that adds to their appeal.

Merits of Plastic

  • At times certain transit authorities enforce rules that relate to wood pallets to ensure they are termite-free. You elude the hassles by opting for plastic crates.
  • These can also be recycled by being reconstructed into new ones if damaged.
  • Unlike wood, they present no safety hazards by risking harm to handlers. Plastic is never the cause of splinters, etc.
  • Light weight constitution and seamless stacking possibility ensures that they are perfect for transferring manufactured products from one location to another. It is also a great way to mitigate transport expense, as weight plays an important factor in it.
  • Keeping the racks pristine and well maintained is necessary, which is an easy task with plastic as it can be easily cleaned.

Apart from choosing between pallet types, you have the alternative of electing custom crates that are prepared to meet your precise storage needs.

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