Industrial Crating

Industrial Crating

At the Denver Reel and Pallet Company we have decades of experience in providing the right product for your industrial crating needs. We have serviced clients from several different industries with different kinds of industrial crating requirements, and we bring that experience to bear on every subsequent assignment.


To satisfy your industrial crating requirements for domestic or overseas shipping, we don’t simply provide pre-manufactured products for sale. Of course, that is the most basic option available to you, but we also take orders for customized needs. Utilizing our skill in crate-design engineering and manufacturing, we then build a crate that is suited specifically to your product and the kind of shipping you want to do.


Foam Lining

Cushioning built into the inside of custom crate

We can provide both, corrugated and wooden crates, and also provide foam cushioning for products that can get damaged in transit. We have different densities of foam cushioning available for different kinds of product and crating requirements, so that we can make sure that your product is handled with just the right care it needs.

Perhaps the most crucial aspect of our service is our on-time delivery system. We can manufacture and supply any customized industrial crating product with only a three day turnaround.


Please get in touch with us with your requirement and we will offer you the best possible solution to your crating needs.





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