Innovative Ways to Reuse Old Wooden Pallets

Innovative Ways to Reuse Old Wooden Pallets

Wondering what to do with your used wooden pallets? Stores are flooded with gadgets that catch our attention but they cost more than we are willing to spend. Here are a few innovative ways to recycle wooden pallets.


This is one the cheapest and easiest method to recycle wooden pallet. To an old wooden pallet attach a piece of plywood to form a smooth surface, add padding and upholstery to get brand new furniture with a much different look. This also looks so chic, versatile and suits any décor.

Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

Recycling wooden pallet into coffee table is labor-intensive but the result is awesome and wonderful. Having a rustic pallet coffee table on the middle of any living room adds more beauty brightens up your interior.


Wooden pallets are very versatile and can be made into different types of racks including coat hangers, wine racks, shoe racks, plate racks and several more designs. Making racks from wooden pallets is very simple and should not cost you more than 40 minutes. Even you can use these racks as bookshelves.


If you are running out of garden planters, you can save money by making some garden planters from wooden pallets. Since these pallets are rough and could withstand many seasons, it is considered as the perfect raw material for garden planters. It can also be used as garden bed, garden frames, free standing pallet herb garden and more.

In addition to these materials, wooden pallets can also be transformed into garden furniture, wall art, pet beds and more. These creative ideas of recycling wooden pallets or crates in Denver not only give you appealing furniture but also help you to add more personality to your home.

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