International Shipping Crates

International Shipping Crates

Call Denver Reel & Pallet for new, custom crates and pallets for shipping your New Mexico goods internationally. We specialize in constructing packaging for odd-sized items so your contents can be shipped safely and efficiently. When you’re trying to save money on packaging and shipping, you should be aware that many items can be palletized at a fraction of the cost of boxing and crating.

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Types of Custom Pallets


At Denver Reel & Pallet, we offer three types of custom pallet designs.


  • Wood: One of the most versatile and green products we offer, our wood styles are durable and heat-treated for export compliance.
  • Plastic: Used in closed-loop shipping systems, these reusable designs are sanitary, attractive and economical.
  • Foam: Customized for shipping high-tech, fragile items, our foam cushion pallets prevent product damage. Our polyethylene foam can be purchased in three different densities, depending on your cargo requirements.


Buy Custom Crates Online


When you need a crate or plastic pallet to contain your goods, Denver Reel & Pallet will manufacture a custom design in only three days. Available in a variety of hardwood and plywood choices, our crates are stamped for export and ready for shipping. Reusable fasteners are used to simplify loading and unloading, and our boxes can be lined with foam for additional freight protection.


Whether you’re storing items in New Mexico or transporting them to Europe, the crates and skids from Denver Reel & Pallet will help to protect your investment. Call today for a packaging estimate, or visit us in Denver on Monaco Parkway.