Plastic Export Shipping Crates and Pallets

Plastic Export Shipping Crates and Pallets

At the Denver Reel and Pallet Company we pride ourselves on being able to service a wide array of needs. Consequently, plastic export pallets and shipping crates are as much our specialty as their wooden counterparts. We have products for a range of size and load requirements as part of our line, and we have displayed images and the related product information for as wide a selection of those as possible.


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There are many great advantages of plastic export pallets and shipping crates over wooden ones. Most importantly, they are much lighter and better in design, and therefore, easier to move and handle at costs as low as (and in some cases even lower than) wooden pallets and crates. Plastic export pallets allow for easy handling by forklift and pallet jacks as well as other moving equipment. Also, most export pallets are four way entry, again for easy handling. The plastic shipping products are more efficient in space utilization too. Both, the plastic pallets as well as crates are designed to be easily stackable, and plastic export crates can even be folded when not in use, thus freeing even further space.


Another advantage that cannot be underestimated is the hygiene factor. Plastic shipping crates and pallets are known as ‘clean containers’. They are exempt of inspection for bio-safety concerns and do not require any kind of treatment. They are impervious to acids, fats, solvents and odors, and are resistant to water absorption or the growth of bacteria, infestation, mold and mildew. Additionally, plastic export pallets and shipping crates are far easier to clean.


While you can avail of these advantages with any of our plastic products, you needn’t worry about their ‘environment-compatibility’ either. Plastic Export Pallets and crates are environmentally friendly products of 100% recycled plastics and they are completely recyclable.


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