ISPM 15 Export Shipping Crates

ISPM 15 Export Shipping Crates

If you’re getting ready to crate and ship your belongings overseas, rely on Denver Reel & Pallet to safeguard your cargo during transport. Our wholesale custom crates and pallets are kiln-dried and heat-treated to comply with ISPM 15 export requirements, and they come certified with proper IPPC stamps.


Wondering what kind of crates we manufacture? Check out samples of our work  OR  call us directly at:   303-321-1920. We’d be happy to give you a custom quote.


Tips for Overseas Crating and Shipping


Whether you’re exporting personal or business goods, it’s important to understand the stress that shipping puts on crate contents. If you’re packaging contents for a trip abroad, take measures to avoid impact harm and moisture damage. Large shipments often travel by ocean vessel, and they’re frequently loaded by chute, sling or conveyor. Each of these loading methods causes cargo stress, so it’s important to palletize and brace all items properly.


Moisture is a concern in overseas shipping due to condensation buildup in the cargo hold. Remember to wrap art and valuables in waterproof coverings and include packaging material that is soft and moisture-resistant. When possible, avoid packing additional liquids that might leak during transport. Check with your freight company for specific shipping exclusions.


Rely on the Utah Packing Experts


Steer clear of packing stress when it’s time to relocate. Denver Reel & Pallet builds custom-made ISPM 15 crates and pallets that accommodate large items, odd-sized artwork and other awkward freight. Since your transportation costs are determined by the weight of your shipment, we use durable, lightweight packing materials to minimize cost. Contact us with product questions or to solicit a wholesale estimate on lumber and plywood crates, plastic pallets and pallet collars.

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