ISPM 15 Wooden Crates For International Shipping

ISPM 15 Wooden Crates For International Shipping

Wooden crates and pallets are a durable, economical way to ship large items and fragile goods, but there are guidelines to follow when you’re shipping abroad.


ISPM 15 Guidelines for Wood Packaging


Raw wood packaging material promotes the spread of pests between countries. Because of this, the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) requires that all wood crates, skids, pallet collars and similar items be compliant with export guidelines. At Denver Reel & Pallet, we manufacture only heat-treated wood containers that follow ISPM 15 regulations, so it’s easy to ship your large cargo worldwide.


If you’d prefer to purchase untreated plastic pallets for transporting your items, we’ll design custom sizes to match your dimension specifications. Plastic pallets are aesthetically pleasing, making them perfect for use in showrooms and retail displays. Their nesting design allows them to store easily, and with our customized pallet collars, you can turn these flat storage pieces into contained boxes in minutes.


Large Crates for Kansas Residents


When you browse our photo gallery, you’ll get an idea of our diverse range of packaging options. We create customized boxes, crates and pallets for trade show displays, motorcycles, fragile statues, fine art and LCD televisions. Our large raw material inventory allows us to create the perfect custom transport option, no matter what the size or weight of your item. With over 50 years in industrial packaging experience, we offer businesses and individuals a three-day turnaround at reasonable prices. Serving Kansas, Colorado and the surrounding region, we’ll build sturdy packaging so you can export quickly and easily.