Know these 6 Benefits of Using Wooden Shipping Crates

Know these 6 Benefits of Using Wooden Shipping Crates

Despite the technological advancements in the development of storage solutions, custom wooden crates are still demanded by many for storage and shipping. Crates are usually made with either wood or timber, and can also be custom made to suit the requirements. So, why wooden crates remain a preferred choice for many? It’s because of these 6 benefits:


1. They are affordable:


Relative to conventional plywood boxes, wooden boxes is more cost-efficient as it costs less to produce the latter. The materials involved in the production of wooden crates are natural, hence it doesn’t require much processing. Therefore, the overall manufacturing costs is much lower than other kinds of shipping options available.


2. They are Environmentally Friendly:


Another major plus of wooden crates is that they are ecofriendly and doesn’t pose any harm to the environment. Disposal of regular cardboard and plastic boxes leads to soil contamination, water pollution and other associated problems. Wooden crates are also reusable for other purposes, unlike the other options.


3. They are Sturdy and Secure:


All the materials involved in the making of wooden crates are much durable, hence they last longer. Wooden crates are ideal to carry heavy and tuff loads, as they are pretty sturdy. They also feature slatted sides, which means they facilitate internal visibility. You could not just see what’s inside, but your package will get enough air circulation and light exposure, but then again without too much exposure to the external elements.


4. They Help You Save Storage Space:


Wooden crates have amazing space-saving properties, as they are easily stackable. Wooden crates have thick walls that allows it to be stacked one above the another, without damaging the contents. They have great vertical pressure, thereby enabling it to withstand the weight of the load.


5. They are Totally Customizable:


There are several producers of custom shipping crates who can custom manufacture crates to suit the individual requirements of their clients. They can design crates in any number of sizes, along with different closure options. They can also work around your budget and offer you a suitable option that fulfill your needs.


6. They are Reusable:


Wooden crates, as mentioned earlier, can be used over and over again for a multitude of purposes. They are durable, hence making it viable for long-term usage. This means they not just helps you save more space when it comes to storage and shipping, but can also be knocked down when required for other purposes.

So, when you are in need of packing heavy equipment and machinery that has to be transported to a place afar, ISPM certified shipping crates are a good choice. You can be sure that with wooden crates, your package will be delivered to the destination safely, hardly causing any damage to your possession.

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