Make Shipping Easier with Wooden Crates and Pallets

Make Shipping Easier with Wooden Crates and Pallets

Undeniably, wooden pallets form an important cog in the maritime industry as it helps in easy handling and storage of goods on ships. For businesses such as supermarkets, manufacturers, and machine shops, shipping would be a hell without these structures. Wooden crates and pallets in Denver do more than cardboard boxes to make shipping easier and hassle-free.


Top Reasons to Choose Wooden Pallets in Denver

  • An important reason for choosing wooden pallet is that cardboard boxes are not strong enough to hold certain products such as metal parts and pieces. In such cases, you will need something stronger and tougher than these boxes. Wooden pallets come in different sizes and shapes to carry heavy objects. Open wooden crates are very useful for transporting foods as they have sufficient ventilation that prevents food from spoiling.
  • Using wooden pallets for shipping makes segregating products easier. The products from the different sections are packed separately in each pallet. This reduces the time spent on separating and sorting items after unloading them.
  • Cardboard boxes are very difficult to handle as they cannot hold heavy items. There are increased chances of breakage while lifting the boxes. But, wooden pallets speed up the loading and unloading process. Also, you don’t have to carry boxes out one by one; a forklift can pick up the pallets and carry them out.
  • Unlike cardboard boxes, wooden pallets are reusable. The cardboard boxes are very fragile and are not reliable for shipment of larger or heavier products.


Tips to Choose Pallets for International Shipping


According to International Organization for Standardization, several norms and measures that should be taken into consideration while choosing Denver pallets for shipping.


Size of Pallets


When it comes to shipping crates and pallets, the pallet sizes matter hugely. The size of the pallet depends on the nature of the cargo. The most commonly utilized pallet size in the United States is 48 inches by 40 inches. In Europe, it is 40 inches by 47, and 42 inches by 42 inches in Australia.


Materials Used


The materials used to build the pallet should also be taken into account alongside the sizing of the pallet structures. Using pallets made of inferior materials could result in detrimental shipping, which would affect the trustworthiness of the shipper and the consignor.


Wooden pallets are widely used in the shipping industry as they are completely recyclable. These pallets should be disinfected and coated with necessary varnishes to prevent contagion.


Moreover, the shipping pallets should be spread even for easy loading and unloading. They should also be tagged rightly for easy identification. Enfold the whole palletized consignment using a wrapping material to prevent any unwanted movement.


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