Custom Made Packaging in Kansas and the Heartland

Custom Made Packaging in Kansas and the Heartland

Operating from Denver, Colorado, we provide custom made packaging including crates, export pallets, pallet boxes and pallet collars all through Kansas and the heartland. Whether your requirements are industrial or personal, for domestic or international shipping, we are the experts, having been involved in crating and packaging for over 50 years.


We provide packaging products to a wide range of size and purpose specifications. Whatever your need, we will begin by understanding the peculiarities of your product, the shipping requirement, the mode of transportation and other environmental factors, and only then will we design the right crate or pallet for you. We will carefully provide extra cushioning to eliminate any risk of product damage, wherever applicable. Over the years designing crates for delicate products, including artwork, antique furniture and heirloom products, has been one of our key specializations.


We have options available in both wood and plastic for crates and pallets and all our products are fully compliant with the internationally accepted ISPM 15 quality standard. We can also provide the requisite quality certification with shipments wherever necessary.


So whether your needs are personal or commercial, for a single product or in bulk, please get in touch with us here and we can provide the best possible custom made packaging to you.


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