Pallet Collars For Sale

Pallet Collars For Sale

Denver Reel & Pallet sells high-quality plywood and lumber pallet collars to Texas businesses and individuals. Compatible with most warehouse racking systems, collars are designed to create stackable storage and shipping options for large and bulky cargo.


Pallet Collar Benefits


It’s not always practical to buy separate crates when shipping personal or business freight. Hinged pallet collars create modifiable container sides for wooden and plastic pallets, making them a simple, adaptable storage solution for odd-sized items. Denver Reel & Pallet supplies durable, reusable collars in virtually any size, building them to your specifications. In addition, these industrial wood products are made with strong, galvanized hinges, so they’re safe to stack and easy to adjust. When you need to enclose your freight completely for safekeeping, we’ll design and build lids that work with your storage system.


In addition to their functionality, pallet collars improve your company’s working conditions. Leaning over tall crate walls with heavy items is risky business. Having employees build up or tear down collar sides during the filling or emptying process makes it easier–and safer–to finish the job. Invented in Sweden to increase packaging and shipping flexibility, pallet collars are environmentally friendly and endure years of normal use.


Purchase Pallet Collars Online


Texas companies can request an estimate or buy custom-made collars when they contact us today. With over 50 years of experience in industrial wood products, Denver Reel & Pallet offers a varied raw material inventory and a promise of quality workmanship. We also sell crates and export-compliant shipping containers in custom sizes, making it affordable for you to store and transport all of your goods.