Wood Boxes as Crates or on Pallets

Wood Boxes as Crates or on Pallets

Denver Reel and Pallet provides a system of wood boxes for the efficient storage of palletized goods. This is an extremely crucial requirement, whether you are a manufacturer, retailer or distributor. However, given the immense variety in the kind of goods that are handled and palletized across industries, and varying space constraints, virtually everyone has a different need for wood boxes. Being aware of this fact, we have tried to provide as many configurations of wood boxes as possible.


The clear product descriptions of the available pallet systems, including sizes, configurations, densities and prices, as well as associated images, make sure that you have all the information to make a choice at your convenience. Our high level of service also makes it easier for you to place and track your pallet orders, and help in completing the transaction promptly.


We hope you can find something that fits your needs exactly. However, if you are not sure what configuration of wood boxes, pallets and crates is optimal for your requirement, within your budget, contact us and we will help you find just the right product. After all, the right choice in wood boxes will greatly improve the efficiency of your space utilization, accessibility to individual loads, handling time, acquisition costs and order fulfillment speed. Contact us.


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