Three Areas Where Wooden Pallets Lord Over Plastic Pallets

Three Areas Where Wooden Pallets Lord Over Plastic Pallets

A classic debate from the world of logistics is the one between wooden pallets in Denver and plastic pallets. While each type of pallet has its own pros and cons, the conventional wooden pallet emerges as a clear winner in certain areas. Read on to find out more about the benefits of using wooden pallets.


Wooden Pallets can be Recycled Easily

The strongest reason to use wooden pallets is their ability to be recycled into new wood pallets in Denver or into any other useful form like poster boards, mulch, parts of a DIY decor project, paper and so on. Unlike plastic pallets, wooden pallets are an eco-friendly option and can be turned into something interestingly useful based on the condition of wood material. Alternatively, it is also easier and safe to dispose them.


Wooden Pallets can be Repaired

Both wooden and plastic pallets are prone to damage. However a damaged wooden pallet can be repaired while the plastic pallet has to be discarded permanently. This implies that wooden pallets are also a cost effective option in the long run. Another factor that supports wood pallets as a more economical option is their ability to hold more weight than the plastic pallet.


Wooden Pallets are Easier to Construct

Wooden pallets can be built easily and without the application of fasteners these pallets ensure 100% of the goods that they carry.

To put it into a nutshell, the choice between wooden and plastic pallets depends on the type of industry that they are used in. A good pallet supplier will be the right choice to guide companies in choosing the right type of pallet.

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