Three Awesome Things to Make with Wooden Crates

Three Awesome Things to Make with Wooden Crates

Like pallets, wooden crates have taken over the craft world by storm. If recent home owner trends are to be believed, you’ll be surprised by the amount of crate furniture and accent pieces you can now find in home decor stores.

But, why spend hundreds of dollars buying furniture you can just as easily make at home? Here are three easy to make ideas that don’t require any fancy wood working equipment or skills.

Nightstand –

All you need to make a beautiful custom nightstand is two wooden crates (for two nightstands), a drill, and some wood stain of your choice. Stain the wood in the color you like, and secure them to the wall next to your bed with screws using a drill. That’s it! Now, just dress up the nightstand any way you want.

Coffee table –

A coffee table with crates, you say? You need four wooden crates, some wood stain, a drill and some screws. Stain the crates.

Lay two of the crates in an L-shape, and join this with the other two so that they’re in an inverted L-shape. There will be an empty square of space in the center. Secure the crates with screws and place a tray over the empty space.

You can also use custom crates to make this if you want a specific size.

Bookcase –

Stain or paint four wooden crates (or use custom crates), stack them one over the other, secure with screws and you’re done!

Enjoy your custom crate furniture!

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