Tips to Protect Pallets from Damage

Tips to Protect Pallets from Damage

Pallet damage can cause a significant impact on the overall supply chain costs in any industry. When a pallet is damaged, it has to be replaced or repaired immediately to ensure no harm is caused to the product loaded onto it.

Here is a list of the basic tips that can be used to best protect the pallet from damage.


Choose a Good Product

Pallets in Denver from a renowned brand with high quality last much longer than the cheaper ones available in the market. They are built to be much sturdier and can withstand adverse conditions for a longer time. The strength of the pallet’s block protects it from damage that may be caused when a forklift driver hits the pallet. Plastic pallets with a weaker inner shaft are prone to damage as the toughness of the upper deck is compromised and the weight of the product in distributed unevenly. These small quality checks can go a long way in protecting the pallet from damage.


Handle the Pallet with Care

Even the strongest Denver pallets can be damaged when mishandled by workers. Employees must be advised to handle pallets with care and not push them with a forklift truck or fail to completely insert the pallet jack tines. Pallet suppliers provide informative materials for safe pallet handling which must be put into best use.


Check for Quality of Nails while Using Wooden Pallets

Fifty per cent of the durability of the wooden pallet is depend on the quality of the nails used. Nails keep the pallet intact for a longer period and make up for 5% of the total cost.

Both plastic and wooden pallets are prone to damage and keeping them safe helps save unwarranted expense.

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