Why Wooden Shipping Crates Are The Best?

Why Wooden Shipping Crates Are The Best?

Wooden shipping crates find use in a large number of industries and are considered affordable and efficient for shipping goods to longer distances. Shipping crates in Denver are available in varying shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit the capacity of the products to be shipped.

Read on to find the top reasons that make wooden shipping crates the most preferred packaging material.


Wooden Shipping Crates Are Moisture Resistant

Shipping crates in Denver are generally made from cedar wood or redwood lumber which have a natural resistance to moisture and water. This makes them superior to the conventional cardboard which get soggy and damp when exposed to moisture. Crates made from other types of trees are subjected to the application of waterproofing caulk and sealant thus preparing them to handle water laden surfaces efficiently.


Wooden Shipping Crates Cause No Harm To The Environment

While recycling is an option, wooden crates can also be disposed safely without causing any adverse effect to the environment. The material constituting the crate is natural, non-toxic and can be safely reused for multiple purposes.


Stacking is Possible with Wooden Shipping Crates

The walls of the crate are thick enough to make them structurally strong and to be stacked on top of one another. While plastic and cardboard crates give in to the vertical pressure when stacked upon one another, the wooden shipping crate stands strong and allows shipping a larger quantity of goods.  However, the people in the logistics department must ensure that the cumulative weight is evenly distributed before stacking them up.

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