Foam Cushioned Wooden Crates

Foam Cushioned Wooden Crates

Shipping or Moving fragile, treasured and/or expensive items?


Cushioned Crate for shipping Fine Art Crate

Cushioned Crate - custom built for shipping Fine Art

Regardless the size or delivery urgency, Denver Reel and Pallet can custom build a crate to your requirements, and for fragile items you should probaly consider having them foam lined.

Whether you need one or many foam cushioned crates or you’re ordering in bulk, we can build every item to your shipping specifications. At Denver Reel & Pallet, we supply custom, padded platforms designed to prevent impact damage. Our foam comes in three different densities and is used for load-bearing crate and pallet bases, as well.


Order Foam Cushioned Crates Online


Are you shipping expensive artwork? Ask for interior crate cushioning. When your cargo requires impact and vibration protection, Denver Reel & Pallet manufactures crates that are cushioned with polyethylene–a common, moldable polymer. This type of foam is lightweight and recyclable. Additional benefits to polyethylene cushioning include:


  • Customization ability
  • Corrosion resistance
  • Moisture and humidity resistance
  • Resilience
  • Durability


Depending on the fragility and weight of your freight, we’ll supply a foam crate liner that will provide maximum protection.


Purchase Pallet Collars Online


In addition to our large selection of crates and pallets, we carry a variety of pallet collars. Invented in Europe, these products provide an effective way of storing odd-sized items that can’t be secured effectively on a flat pallet. Browse our pallet collar page for a detailed description of these collapsible, hinged frames.


Texas residents can contact us for a customized quote or browse our photo gallery to view our comprehensive product selection. At Denver Reel & Pallet, we have over 50 years of experience with industrial wood products. You can trust us to package your Texas valuables securely and economically–and in a timely manner.


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