Furniture Crates From Denver Reel And Pallet

Furniture Crates From Denver Reel And Pallet

Furniture crates from Denver Reel & Pallet which specializes in hardwood crates and pallets for shipping furniture, artwork and other items with unique transport needs. When Kansas residents entrust their goods and valuables to us, we’ll design and manufacture a packaging option that ensures their secure storage and transport.


Preparing Furniture for Shipping


Before moving your furniture, it’s important to prepare it for transport.


  • Wrap all furniture with blankets or bubble wrap to protect the upholstery and frame.
  • Remove legs from couches, chairs and tables when possible. Wrap them separately and tape all screws and hardware securely to the furniture’s base.
  • Coat fine wood pieces with wax to prevent scratches that might occur during transit.
  • Place sofa and chair cushions in large bags and use them to pad crated furniture.
  • Secure drawers with plastic wrap so they don’t fall out during shipping.
  • If you’re moving a piano or other fragile furniture item, consult a moving specialist for transport tips.


Furniture Crates for Sale Online


Do you need to ship your grandmother’s hope chest, armoire or other treasured heirloom? Hardwood crates are the safest way to protect your furniture during a move. Denver Reel & Pallet crates and pallets can be made in any size, and can accommodate thousands of pounds. Browse our product pages for specific crate and pallet types, or chat online with us about your shipping questions. We’re known for our fair pricing and fast turnaround, and Kansas residents can peruse our variety of sale packaging materials when they visit our photo gallery.



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