Wood Crating For Shipping is Often Best

Wood Crating For Shipping is Often Best

If your company is preparing for a Utah trade show, it’s important to purchase wood crating to protect valuable displays properly during transport. Purchase custom wood crates and pallets from Denver Reel & Pallet to ensure that your display items arrive unblemished.


Planning Your Trade Show Delivery


After ensuring that your display is properly crated, focus on avoiding a shipping disaster. Remember the following tips to ensure safe arrival of your trade show goods.


  1. Use appropriate trade show shipping labels for all crates and pallets. This ensures your display items make it to the right booth.
  2. Verify the trade show facility’s address before releasing your shipment. A simple number transposition could lead to major delivery problems.
  3. Confirm that the facility will accept the delivery of your goods on the arrival date, and provide specific receiving information to the freight company.
  4. Purchase proper insurance for all shipped items to avoid an expensive accident due to mishandling.
  5. Get tracking information from the carrier so you can follow your shipment’s progress online.
  6. Inspect the delivery upon arrival, or hire someone to do it for you. It’s important to submit a timely claim if damage was incurred during shipping.


Buy Wood Crating Online


Serving Colorado, Kansas, Texas, Wyoming and Utah, our company is known for its quality wood products and fair pricing. Don’t risk damage to your trade show display by packing it in makeshift containers. We’ll design and build wood crates and pallets to fit each portion of your shipment, and we use polyethylene foam to cushion fragile items. Contact us today for a customized quote.


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