Wooden Boxes And Shipping Crates

Wooden Boxes And Shipping Crates

People can use wooden boxes and shipping crates to transport a variety of things, from industrial equipment to motorcycles. If you’re moving and need door-to-door transport for your motorcycle or moped scooter, contact us for a customized estimate. At Denver Reel & Pallet, we prepare bikes for shipment, whether they require enclosed or partially open packaging designs.


Preparing Your Motorcycle for Shipment


Before crating your motorcycle, take the following steps to ensure its safe transport:


  • Thoroughly clean the bike, making sure to remove dirt and debris that could scratch the paint during travel.
  • Make a detailed list of surface scratches, dents and dings. Note the condition of each piece of attached equipment so you’ll know that it arrives unharmed.
  • Take several photographs of your bike from a number of angles. These pictures can serve as evidence if you need to file a damage claim.
  • Date all photos and written records and provide a copy to your moving company.
  • Drain your motorcycle’s gas tank and remove all loose items before moving the bike as freight.


Purchase Wooden Shipping Crates Online


At Denver Reel & Pallet, we manufacture custom-made pallets, wood crates and boxes for a variety of industrial and personal shipping needs. Whether you’re shipping motorcycles, fine art, fragile statues or large machinery, our quality wood products are priced fairly and built to withstand moisture, impact and mishandling. Are you shipping overseas? All of our crating and packaging materials are heat-treated for exportability and stamped for ISPM 15 compliance. We serve residents and businesses in Utah, Colorado, Wyoming and Texas, and we offer free estimates via email or phone.



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